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About Poland

Joining the European Union increased investor’ trust and aided the development of foreign  investment on the territory of Poland. According to the National Bank of Poland investments made in 2006 by foreign entities amounted to EUR 15 billion. The years 2006 and 2007 were record breaking with regard to GDP increase. In 2006 Poland reported twice as big increase as other EU countries: by 6,2% in 2006 and by staggering 6,6% in 2007. According to all macroeconomic indicators Poland is currently the biggest politically and  economically stable country of Central and Eastern Europe. Despite the economic slowdown and  decrease in direct foreign investment during the world economic crisis in 2009, Poland’s situation  was exceptionally advantageous in comparison to other EU member states and other countries.  Poland’s GDP in 2009 rose by about 1,8% which was the best and the only positive result among the EU countries. To compare in 2009 GDP of all EU countries decrease in GDP between 5 and 10%. A relatively positive reaction of Poland economy to the crisis confirms that our country is developing steadily. It also shows the stability of Polish banking system. Poland is situated in the heart of continental Europe which is its key asset for investors from Western Europe, America and Asia. European investors while still within the boundaries of the European  Union may have access to strategic markets of Russia and Ukraine.   For investors from other continents Poland is a gateway to the market of 500 million Western Europe inhabitants and 250 million inhabitants of Eastern Europe. Poland has become the logistics center of Europe thanks to central geographic location and the fact that the country is located on the main East – West transportation route. Central Poland, and Poznań (Wielkopolska) in particular, has become a favourite location of warehouse centers. According to  foreign investors this region is one of the most appropriate in Europe due to easy access to other  markets.


                                  Regions in Poland

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