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About us

Our company has been engaged in providing services to enterprises for more than 10 years. We offer foreign entities comprehensive assistance at the stage of commencement of business activities in  Poland. Unlike other entities, our activities are not merely limited to assistance in the scope of entering the  Polish market. Our specialists are ready to support you throughout the period you conduct the  business activity in Poland. A wide range of our services includes preparation of all types of  agreements, conducting trade negotiations on your behalf, assistance in obtaining permits for  purchase of real property by foreigners, advisory services in the scope of purchase and sale of  enterprises or real property, combating unfair competition and prevention of unfair market practices. Most of all, we help you to choose the best location, taking into account your expectations. In  cooperation with local authorities we assess benefits from investing in one of the fourteen Special  Economic Zones (SEZs) in Poland. We can register your company in Poland - we register commercial companies and partnerships,  branch offices and agencies of foreign companies. If you do not want to open a branch office or  agency, we can conduct business activities in Poland in your name and on your behalf. We are a company providing consulting services registered on the list of Embassy of Italy.
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